Is Your Roommate Rich?

Dear Callan, So my roommate and I have never been particularly close, but after the SES report about WashU came out, I’m starting to think she might be a 1%-er. But I’m not sure how to tell? Are there signs I should be looking for? -Rich Roomie Quan     ...

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Pre–Med Requirements

Everyone at WashU is pre-med – it’s common knowledge! However, not everyone realizes the huge commitment they’re making when they decide to follow the pre-med track. We at WUnderground would like to help inform potential pre-meds, because we’re super nice people. Here are the things you need in order to ...

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A Rapper’s Quest to Become Socially Conscious

Established rapper Yung Turkey has certainly made his mark on the music scene.  Over a career spanning decades, he has popularized a genre known as ‘Gangsta Rap,’ sometimes controversial for its vulgar, demeaning lyrics.  But it seems that the rapper is ready to turn over a new leaf.  He tells ...

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Canada Geese Flock South, Land At Wash U

With another winter season upon us, Canada geese are flocking to campus once again. In order to escape the harsh Canadian winter, they have migrated to Missouri and can now be found around campus establishing breeding colonies and adjusting to life in this human-altered area. Last Tuesday, these new Wash ...

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Post-Election Clinton Addresses Local Credit Union


This past Wednesday, Mrs. Clinton delivered remarks at local credit unions about the benefits of “saving for retirement.” Coming off a stunning election shock, Hillary Clinton has failed to line up the coveted speaker positions she had from investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase she enjoyed before ...

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Shy Woman, Consistently Holding a Mug, Claims She’s an “Avid Writer”


Local bookstore clerk, Veronica Sneebler, went on record last Tuesday claiming that she’s an “avid writer”. However, after a week of intense investigative reporting, we have received contradictory information. According to consistent bookstore visitor and legitimate avid writer, Meredith Wang, Veronica has never actually written. To solve this potentially international ...

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Sophomore Unaware Thanksgiving to Double as Intervention

Jason Smith '19 (center) having an uncomfortable discussion with his family.

According to sources, sophomore Jason Smith is blissfully unaware that his family is planning to use Thanksgiving dinner to intervene on his aggressive social media presence. His family cites his Facebook as the primary cause of the intervention, although his Instagram and Twitter also look to be part of the ...

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