Founded in 1892 at the height of the Gilded Age by industry barons Cornelius Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller in an effort to cheer up and distract murderously disgruntled union workers, WUnderground is WashU’s premier [only] satirical, student-run newspaper. Covering all news regarding WashU and the world, the mission of WUnderground is to be the most progressive publication on campus, vowing to offend everyone equally while bringing laughs to all.

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2022-2023 Staff


Rusty Dagon
Anna Sheriff
Abbey Rose
Ben Orlinick


Shira Aronow
Sam Auditore
Sammie Axelbaum
Abby Baird
Harry Campbell
Riley Card
Neil Chavan
Chirag Choudhary
Ruby Cover
Margaret Dresselhuys
Noah Gluck
Josh Keller
Adam Kirsch
Solly Lerman
Ella Majd
Peter Michalski
Will Palmer
Rida Qureshi
Ashna Ramiah
Celia Rattner
Sydney Rothschild
London Wharton
Zach Wurtenberger

Layout Trolls:

Sara Frankenthaler
Eylül Horozoğlu
Will LeVan