Roommate Also Excited to Stop Living With You

According to sources close to your roommate, they are just as excited to stop living with you as you are to stop living with them. The same sources also confirmed that you are incorrect to believe that your roommate still likes you even though you complain about them to anyone ...

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Wunderground Reviews Dave Chappelle Netflix Special

After a long break from the limelight, Dave Chappelle is back in action with a new Netflix series. The eponymously named series currently has two episodes, each with a runtime of one hour. Both episodes are superb, with Chappelle discussing contemporary issues that are totally relatable. However, Chappelle’s stand-up is ...

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StudLife Controversy Over Pastaria Review

Writing last week in Studlife that the upscale Clayton restaurant Pastaria is a “must-try,” sophomore Studlife reporter Tommy Wright is in hot water, being criticized for “cultural appropriation.” Tommy, whose father is a plumber and mom is a secretary, decided to write about Pastaria after hearing about it from floormates. ...

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