Professor Considers Dropping Class


Discussing her spring schedule over lunch in the faculty lounge, Professor Leslie Jenkins told her friends that she was considering dropping the course she’s teaching, “Environmental Culture and Social Principles in the 21st Century.” “I dunno, I just have a really busy schedule this semester is all,” said Jenkins, who ...

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SHS Doctor’s Medical Degree found to be false positive

Dr. Spaceman, one of SHS’ most successful former employees

According to sources within the Habif Health & Wellness Center, an SHS doctor’s medical degree was recently found to have been a false-positive. Apparently, Dr. Sonia Wellston’s doctorate was not in medicine, and her being hired was due to an administrator misreading of her resume due to extreme fatigue, nausea, ...

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Markets Tumble as Gak Prices Plummet to 13-Year Low


Gak prices fell below $2.00 per gallon across most of the country last weekend, sending consumers rushing to load up on the oozy, green substance. The price drop comes as slime futures trade below $30 a barrel for the first time in more than a decade, driven down by an ...

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WUnderground’s Tips for Sorority Rush

maxresdefault (1)

Sorority Rush is right around the corner, so you need to follow these essential tips if you want to get a bid! 1. Start prepping for when you accept your bid — get that liver to work! An essential part of the new member process includes forced drinking, so make sure to ...

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WUnderground Through the Ages


We were too lazy to come up with another new article for this issue, so here’s some of our best work from the last few millennia of WUnderground.   June 3rd, 1453 – Study abroad in Constantinople canceled after city sieged “Our big concern is that credits earned under the ...

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