Fraternity Gives Free Alcohol to Students in Need

Most of members of Sigma Chi joined for one thing and one thing only: philanthropy. The brothers want to make the world a better place through their good deeds. “It’s like I’ve always said,” explained Carson McDaniels, a current pledge of the fraternity, “it’s more about what you give than ...

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Student Eco-Terrorist Group Leaving Unflushed Pee All Over Campus

A radical fringe group widely believed to be backed by the Office of Sustainability has unleashed its most brutal campaign to date, leaving urine unflushed in men’s, women’s, and gender-neutral bathrooms all over campus. The practice, referred to as “Yellow Urinalism,” has been jointly condemned by the Student Health Services ...

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Joe Biden Endorses “Armed Teachers” Proposal

In response to the recent Parkland shooting, President Trump last week proposed a new strategy of arming teachers. His statement, unsurprisingly, has been met with much controversy, but smatterings of support have come from some surprising places. In order to gather a diversity of opinions on the matter, the WUnderground ...

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