"I firmly believe in arming all of our citizens: teachers, artists, veterinarians, youth pastors...everybody, regardless of circumstance, should be granted access to at least two arms," Biden declared, before realizing his mistake and rescinding the statement.

Joe Biden Endorses “Armed Teachers” Proposal

In response to the recent Parkland shooting, President Trump last week proposed a new strategy of arming teachers. His statement, unsurprisingly, has been met with much controversy, but smatterings of support have come from some surprising places.

In order to gather a diversity of opinions on the matter, the WUnderground staff interviewed a number of prominent political figures. We had the opportunity to ask former Vice President Joe Biden for his thoughts on Trump’s idea.

“I think this is the best idea President Trump has had so far!” Biden exclaimed enthusiastically. “Giving robotic arms to paraplegic teachers is vital to ensure that they can achieve their maximum potential in the classroom.”

Biden went on to tell a poignant anecdote about his second grade teacher who lost both arms in a gruesome knitting accident, and how she struggled leading the class in games of Duck, Duck, Goose.

“Our teachers are this nation’s backbone, and we have a responsibility to help them teach children proper scissor techniques and how to correctly hold a pencil.”

When informed that Trump probably wanted to give actual weapons to teachers to prevent future mass shootings, Biden chuckled.

“Oh, Donnie. Listen, I don’t like his politics, but people don’t give him enough credit. He’s a funny guy!”