10 Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You

1.) She has a cellphone. 2.) She answers emails from her private email server 3.) She holds the door open for unsuspecting strangers 3b). She stayed back to talk to the professor office hours 4.) She knows how to give suspiciously good back rubs, as if she’s been practicing with ...

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The WUnderground Award-Season Rundown

Well it’s that time of year again: porno awards season! Hollywood is abuzz with buzz, and critics are slurping up films like particularly delicious semen. Female pornstars are dressing up real nice, and male pornstars are showing off their finest designer assless chaps. Redheaded pornstars finally get to walk down ...

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SHS Prepping for Housing Casualties

In advance of housing petitions opening, Student Health Services has hired some of the world’s top surgeons to mitigate the school’s annual rooming-inspired mass casualties. “Each year anywhere between fifty and one hundred underclassmen are killed by former suitemates,” claimed SHS director Ira Glass. “Although we can’t stop the coordinated ...

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