Avengers: Infinity War: Good, but No Fight Club

WUndergound’s Arts & Culture staff was lucky enough to receive a press pass to the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War. Our spoiler-free verdict: very entertaining film, but does not hold a candle to David Fincher’s Fight Club. Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of an expansive, 10-year cinematic universe, that ...

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God Suspended Due to Hazing Incident

God has been temporarily suspended from the known universe after several reports of a violent hazing incident this past weekend. Under the euphemistic guise of a “faith-building exercise,” God is alleged to have commanded Abraham, a pledge, to climb a mountain and murder his son, Isaac. Rumors of God’s hazing ...

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Senior “Not Like Those Other Guys”

Sources close to the subject report that Wash U senior Jasper Simmons is nothing like all those other assholes. “Jasper doesn’t care about typical guy stuff like fantasy football and grilling things,” points out sophomore Lena Smith. “He would much rather teach you about Sufjan Stevens and the merits of ...

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