One Year After the Election: Where Are They Now?

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States, bringing an end to a roller coaster of election drama that lasted over two years. One year later, WUnderground checked in with some of the 2016 race’s most important figures. Here’s where they are now.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

 Everybody remembers Secretary Clinton, the inspiring and immensely qualified female figure that won the hearts of millions of illegal voters. In September she released a bestselling book detailing the four months she spent lost in the woods of Westchester County, New York, immediately following the election and her epic struggle to survive. A tireless worker, Clinton was seen last week unloading the last of 600,000 “Madam President” buttons into a U-Haul storage locker.


Bernie Sanders

The Vermont Senator that garnered a militant following of young voters during the 2016 race has stayed busy, continuing to fight for his signature causes of universal health care and economic justice. Senator Sanders was recently seen giving an impassioned impromptu speech about income inequality to a small crowd at the Burlington AMC Theatre after being misinformed by a friend about Sunday matinee prices and haggling with a teenage cashier for over twenty minutes.


Ken Bone

The undecided-voter-turned-celebrity has made the most of his fifteen minutes of fame, making frequent unsolicited public appearances in the characteristic red sweater that caught the eye of the nation. But glory comes at a cost– Bone’s wife and kids left him in June when he had gone just 8 months without changing his sweater, a period that has now reached 13 months. With no end in sight, Bone continues sending emails to universities offering to give commencement addresses and pitching his personal fragrance line, “Bon(n)e Odeur,” to employees at the Macy’s beauty counter.


Paul Manafort

President Trump’s former campaign chairman is currently celebrating the one-year anniversary of victory with an indefinite staycation at his $2 million home in Alexandria, Virginia.



The former governor of Florida was last seen eating a somber brunch with Mitt Romney, the melancholy silence interrupted only by the occasional remark about “poor people.”



Дмитрий Арзамасцев

One of the most influential players in the 2016 election, computer scientist Дмитрий Арзамасцев (in Latin script, Dmitry Arzamastsev) lives a quiet life with his wife and two daughters in Moscow.