Staff Review: Strange Thingers Returns To Netflix

Hot dog! It’s time for another season of one of Netflix’s scariest shows, Strange Thingers! It’s a must-watch for everybody who loves television and fears the 1980s. Season Two of Strange Thingers reintroduces fans to the the citizens of Hawkey, Indiana, one year after the Demigloggin attacked the town middle school.

Thingers should have returned to normal for Willy Buyers and his friends, but they got strangelier instead: Twelve is missing, and Willy still senses the Sideways Place. Uh-oh! He and his friends Mork, Duster, and Bookas need to work with Sheriff Popper to determine the source of all the strange thingers before all the evil old white men make them stranganger. Wowzers!

Meanwhile, Noncy feels guilty about the death of Glasses, and romance runs cold for her and Even Steven. Willy’s older brother Jimathan still doesn’t have friends. There are even more Demigloggins in the Sideways place. Winona Ryder can’t kick her smoking habit. As if that wasn’t enough strange thingydingers happening, there’s a new girl in town and she can’t read.

It’s hard to believe all these strange thingers actually happened, and only Netflix knew about them. There’s so much more to learn. What’s in store for Willy and the gang? Is Glasses back from the dead? Why is the Sideways Place so angry? Do nosebleeds lead to magic powers? Pumpkins? And where has Mister Mayor been this whole time? Find out how by watching Strange Thingers Two.