History of the Eco To-Go Box

August 14th 2016: Eco-To-Go box arrives to Wash U after being made in a Chinese Factory.

August 29th 2016: Freshman Henry Newberg receives Eco-To-Go box from Bear’s Den after receiving a free voucher from his RA.

August 30th 2016: Freshman Henry Newberg vomits in the Eco-To-Go box after a rough night of Fifa Shoots at his friends’ room, returns box next day after a “quick scrub”.

September 19th 2016: Sophomore Rachel Paulson orders stir fry, decides last minute to use the Eco-To-Go box. Box is excited for a new owner.

November 27th 2016: Excitement turns to anguish after Rachel forgets about Eco-To-Go box for two months. Eco-Go-To box is now home to a thriving mold pile.

January 19th 2017: After spending the winter holidays alone in the Village, Senior Tony Bunson uses Eco-To-Go box as a spittoon for his chewing tobacco addiction.

March 9th 2017: After two grueling months as a dip-spit container, Eco-To-Go box is returned to the DUC.

April 14th 2017: Junior Eric Chen takes Eco-To-Go box home. Eric uses Eco-To-Go box as a used-condom receptacle.

April 30th 2017: Eric returns Eco-To-Go box to Holmes Lounge. After an incredibly shitty year, Eco-To-Go box now just wants to die in peace.