Freshman Recognized After Taking Service Trip to Traditional Dorm

Calling it an “act of compassion,” Vice Chancellor Holden Thorp commemorated freshman Taylor Wong for her service trip to a traditional dorm at a school-wide ceremony this past Friday.

“Taylor’s courageousness and bravery to visit a place that is in such need of help ought to inspire all of us,” Thorp stated in his speech. “For too long I believe that students living in traditional dorms have been forgotten about. Taylor’s action to act on this is indeed selfless.”

The trip, in which Taylor slept for a night on Beaumont 3’s common room couch after getting too drunk at her friend’s dorm room, was the “most trying experience” of her young life.

“After I came back, I had to get, like, five immunizations from SHS. It sucked big time, but I’m so glad I was able to go on this trip and learn what these people go through everyday,” Taylor told us in an interview. “It was pretty rough when I had to throw up in the bathroom though… Did you know these people still use communal bathrooms? It’s almost like the 21st century just completely left them behind.”

As of press time, Washington University is in final negotiations to build a new dormitory, which they plan to name after Taylor. Due to “space constraints” on the South 40, the University plans on demolishing Beaumont to make room for the new building