Volume 17

In Defense of Greek Life, via an Outsider

Since this summer, over half of WashU’s Greek system has deactivated after calls for abolition. With Instagram accounts like @aglwashu and @whyidropped_washu gaining traction, it’s unclear what the future of Greek life will be on our campus. However, as someone who has never been part of the Greek system, I ...

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WUPD Arrests Antique Thief

The infamous “antique thief” was detained by WUPD last night at around 10 p.m. He was caught in an apartment on the 6000 block of Kingsbury Ave. hugging a vintage mahogany set, with channel knobs and all, a real antique, trying to hoist himself out of the second story window. ...

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The Case for Middle Child Reparations

This piece was rejected by the Danforth Dispatch. So much for supporting freedom of tho(ugh)t. In a society dominated by extremes, the plight of middle children is something that’s been consistently ignored. Constantly overlooked and undervalued, middle children are the backbone of society. And we demand reparations for the pain ...

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