In Defense of Greek Life, via an Outsider

Since this summer, over half of WashU’s Greek system has deactivated after calls for abolition. With Instagram accounts like @aglwashu and @whyidropped_washu gaining traction, it’s unclear what the future of Greek life will be on our campus. However, as someone who has never been part of the Greek system, I am strongly against its abolition. It’s important to remember just how much of a positive impact Greek life has had on our university! The contributions are endless.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the most obvious contribution first: friendship! This perk is self-explanatory so I’ll keep it short, but in the words of a former SAE president, Greek life gave him friends, and friends are good! Who doesn’t want to make new friends while bonding over a shared passion for the great nation of Greece? However, I know this friendship can be expensive, which leads me to my next point.

Even though fraternities and sororities require hundreds of dollars of their members’ (parents’) hard-earned money, it’s all for a good cause: the Greek economy. As many of you probably know, Greece experienced an economic downfall in 2015. In response, Greek organizations across the U.S. began raising money to deal with the humanitarian crises created by the collapse, tackling issues like homelessness and suicide awareness. So altruistic of them!

Finally, I feel it’s important to acknowledge the beautiful cultural appreciation that transpires from Greek life. Members spend so much time recognizing Greece’s vast cultural exports: Reading Percy Jackson, watching Mamma Mia! and Hercules, ordering from Gyro Grill, spoon-feeding each other Greek yogurt, running marathons, chugging olive oil… The list goes on and on.

The abolition movement is nothing but a conspiracy from Italy. I’ve seen some Breitbart articles: they just want to abolish Greek life so they can institute Roman life. We’re cowards and fools if we crumble to that pressure. With all of that said, go forth young freshmen; rush to find your new Hellenic family.