Coffee Mugs are Oppressed

PSA: This article is not meant to take away from the ever-present issue of male circumcision, it serves only to bring light to the similar issue of coffee mug slogans excluding men. Feminism has gone too far, and nowhere is this trend more obvious than in the hallowed American institution ...

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Your WUnderscope for the Week

Virgo: Look out! Love is in the air. Better catch it, lest you live life loveless and alone. If you can’t catch it, duck.   Libra: Watch out for sharks. And cars. And the unstoppable drumbeat of each passing second. Better yet, just stay at home today.   Scorpio: Goat day! Memorize ...

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CGI Coordinator for The Mummy Finally Speaks Out

After 22 years of denying interviews to reporters, the special effects coordinator on the set of The Mummy finally agreed to give us an insight into the wonders of The Mummy universe—and why he quit during the shooting of the second movie.  “Brendan Fraser was a method actor, you see,” ...

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