In New Ad Campaign, Official Funyuns™ Twitter Account Pretends to be Kidnapped, Imprisoned Brendan Fraser

In a bold new ad campaign, the Funyuns™ twitter account is pretending to be operated by a captured and coerced Brendan Fraser, the Hollywood star best known for his roles in the Mummy franchise.

Coming in the wake of several other bizarre Twitter marketing campaigns from brands attempting to appeal to the absurd, dark humor of Millennials and Gen Z, these adverts have garnered particular attention for the way they break the fourth wall, and for their commitment to their comedic premise.

Some have praised the way the Funyuns™ campaign appeals to young adults feeling trapped in an economy that has failed them and tries to convey genuine emotion to a rising market of young people who are cynically resistant to even the subtlest of marketing tactics.

The tweets also clearly play on popular nostalgia for Fraser’s late ‘90s roles.

The tweets have been met with massive success, which seems to suggest this innovative style of marketing is the future of corporate brands on social media.

Brendan Fraser was not available for comment.