Wunderground Reviews Dave Chappelle Netflix Special

After a long break from the limelight, Dave Chappelle is back in action with a new Netflix series. The eponymously named series currently has two episodes, each with a runtime of one hour. Both episodes are superb, with Chappelle discussing contemporary issues that are totally relatable.

However, Chappelle’s stand-up is sometimes a bit tricky to understand. You might not get all the references in the special, and some of the jokes might go over your head. If you’re looking for someone who can watch the special with you and explain jokes you might not understand, my phone number is 541-231-2459.

I’m generally free on Thursdays and Fridays, but would also be down to make a Saturday afternoon out of it. I’m an anthropology major, and my interests include cycling, history, and cooking. I’m five-foot eleven-inches and people say I’m pretty good looking.

If you’re not in the mood for TV, we could also go on a hike or something. My fraternity’s formal is coming up in a couple weeks if you’ve never been to  Nashville before or would like to go again. Life’s been pretty tough after my long time girlfriend broke up with me a couple weeks ago, but I PROMISE not to talk about her too much. Please, please let me know if you want to watch this special with me.