Sophomore Accepts Internship at Organ Research Institute

It’s that time of the year again. Students across Washington University are frantically trying to secure summer internships to boost their future career prospects. For one students, however, the search is over. This past Friday, sophomore Dennis Westman accepted a summer internship at Organ Research Group, a biomedical firm that specializes in organ transplant research.

According to Westman, the application and interview process was very straightforward. “The application was just a picture of a human body with the instructions: ‘circle all the organs you still have.’ I studied a lot for the technical interview, but the only question they asked was whether I still had two kidneys and if I’d be okay with some work-related travel. After I said yeah, they offered me a position on the spot!”

The position starts in June, with a mandatory training week in Bangkok, Thailand. According to their company website, the training allows the interns to “shadow” a surgeon while he performs organ extraction surgery. “I’ve never been to Thailand before,” said Westman. “The company only booked a one way ticket, which is kinda weird, but said they’d compensate me for return fare.”

To learn more about the position, Westman reached out to past interns featured on the company website. As of presstime, he has not heard back from any of them, but did talk to a parent who said she was still waiting for her son to return from the training week.