Last Kid at Karate Still Waiting for Stepdad

Alternately gazing out at the parking lot and admiring his newly-acquired yellow belt, area eight-year-old Kevin O’Brien is the last kid from his Tiger Schulman Karate class waiting to be picked up, according to reports.

“Yeah, my stepdad should be on his on his way,” reassured O’Brien. “Dennis is usually late, but it’s okay because my mom put some fruit snacks in my backpack.”

O’Brien’s stepfather, Dennis Harrison, is reportedly on the freeway after departing from his office at a local pharmaceutical distributor. Harrison blames his tardiness on excessive traffic but “should be there within the next ten minutes.”

“I’ll get there when I get there,” said Harrison. “But he’ll be okay, his mom put some fruit snacks in his backpack.”

At press time, O’Brien realized that he had already already eaten his last packet of fruit snacks while waiting for to be picked up from swim lessons on Tuesday.