Issue 15.8


The Mueller Report was finished up on Friday, March 22nd, and so far, the Justice Department has done a surprisingly good job of keeping its contents under wraps. Attorney General and stock photo of a white businessman William Barr has sent a short summary of the report to Congress, informing ...

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St. Louis Style Modifications

Surprised by St. Louis style bagels? Here are some other ‘St. LOuis style’ modifications you haven’t heard of: 1. St. Louis style beach vacation No coastline? No problem! The banks of the Mississippi offer the same waterfront fun without any of the hassle of sand, nice weather, non toxic water, ...

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Op-Ed: Boycott Taylor Swift

It’s hard to avoid megastar Taylor Swift. With six full-length albums, ten Grammy awards, and millions of fans worldwide, there is no doubt that “T-Swift” is a household name. Whether you love her or hate her, you know who she is and what she does. But is there more to ...

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