Breaking News: _____ dies!

_____ ______ (obscure C-list actor) has died at _____ (unusually young age) years old due to ____________ (foodborne illness you once caught at Chipotle). He is known for his roles in _____________ (cable show that only had one season) and ______________ (overly-priced off-Broadway show), but also for his involvement with the __________ (Los Angeles street gang). In 2000, __________ (deceased actor’s last name) starred alongside ________ _________ (your College Writing professor) in a film portraying ____________ (horrific natural disaster) that won a  _________ (BD meal of your choosing). __________ (deceased actor’s last name) is survived by his wife __________ (Boomer first name), his two ___________ (species of rodent), and his __________ (random object) collection. He will be remembered as a pioneer of ______________(fake LinkedIn title for summer interns) and his famous catchphrase: “___________________________” (favorite Vine reference).