Inspiring: WashU Student Reflects on Internship “from Hell”

Recently, WUnderground sat down with a student who just returned from a semester doing an “internship from hell.” ‘S’, who asked to remain anonymous, had a lot to say about her time in the working world. S gained experience in a high- stress environment, interfacing directly with clients. “We really had to be ball busters,” she explained. “I mean, I personally thought micro- waving genitalia was a bit much, but I wasn’t about to say anything. You do not want to get on my boss’s bad side.”

S could not disclose the name of her employer, but she did share some of the challenges she faced while traveling for work. “Okay, no one really talks about the climate shock of leaving but it. Was. So. Hot. There. And there was a language barrier sometimes? Like, plenty of people spoke English or Mandarin so that was good, but when I listened to some of the other staff it sounded like they were speaking in tongues. And my boss was the actual Devil. Like, dude, chill out about the sins of man, sheesh.”

Every heavenly cloud has a silver lining, and S was also excited to talk about some of the positive takeaways. “So like, I knew it was gonna be scary, of course. Having an internship, I mean. But I’m really into true crime? And I know it’s kind of controversial, the whole fascination with harm, but the people I was, uh, working with knew a lot about all kinds of murders. So I was excited to go into this field. Who needs Truman Capote when I’ve got these guys, haha! Also, I feel like it really boosted my confidence. When I first arrived, I was, like, apologizing to people as I peeled off their skin or whatever, but now, I’m to- tally an empowered woman! I feel ready to take on the working world and kick anyone’s ass.”

Her story is a great resource for any WashU students considering internships; S describes the experience as a challenging growth opportunity. “I mean, it was literally hell. But I guess that’s what junior year’s all about!”