CNN Stenographer Goes Rogue During Sessions Hearing

Media analysts were baffled on Tuesday afternoon when scripts provided by CNN stenographer Dana Schumacher diverged from statements made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in his much-anticipated appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

As Sessions answered questions from committee members on Russian electoral interference, a transcript broadcast live on CNN produced headlines in a seemingly stream-of-consciousness format, chronicling Ms. Schumacher’s private dialogue on the proceedings. “This dude seen some shit,” one headline announced beside the CNN logo.

The defection began early into the hearing. Before the attorney general had even spoken, the network text feed announced simply “He gon’ lie.” Other intentional breaks from Mr. Sessions’ testimony displayed more satirical nuance, such as when Schumacher wrote, “Sessions: Won’t Discuss ‘Any More’ Conversations With Trump.”

As the hearing progressed, Ms. Schumacher’s live commentary became both increasingly broad and equally vague , such as when the stenographer wrote merely “Nah,” which some viewed as a holistic rebuke of Mr. Sessions’s testimony. Though Schumacher confirmed a general distrust of Mr. Sessions, she confessed a begrudging respect for Sessions’ loyalty. “He old, but he no snitch,” the final CNN ticker read.