Issue 16.2

Business School Touts Robust Alumni Network in Hell

Representatives of the Olin Business School announced this week that they will start using a new strategy for attracting prospective students: emphasizing their robust alumni network in Hell. “The Olin Business School provides students with unparalleled access to leaders and innovators in a diverse range of morally repugnant industries,” said ...

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I, For One, Will Be Glad When the Bees Go Extinct

By Snobby Professor Guy Pfaw.  Bees.  Bees? Bees?   An abomination upon this planet.  I cannot wait until they are all dead. Allow me to elaborate.  I am smart. Classy. Intelligent.  So when I say that bees are to be abhorred and exterminated, you should make privy your ears and ...

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Op-Ed by a Male Feminist

By Geoff Caulfield I am a male feminist. Think it’s funny? Go ahead, laugh. But while you’re laughing, just know that I am brave and I am strong. Strong enough to use two women as weights and bench press them. I am a male feminist and this is what I ...

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