Aww! This Freshman Couple at Ibby’s Thinks They’re Real Grown Ups!

Oh my god. This is so cute. According to insider reports, First-Years Ryan Shoecrest and Isabelle Greenheart shared a meal at Ibby’s Restaurant this past Thursday evening, like an actual adult couple. This is just too precious.

The two approached the DUC dressed in what are likely the nicest clothes they have—Isabelle in a tasteful dress and Ryan in his big boy pants and oxford button-down. But these two weren’t headed to the opera or the Met Gala—they had big plans for a quasi-upscale restaurant mere feet from WashU Wok. Holy shit, is he wearing a tie??

Sources tell WUnderground that Ryan approached the host and gave her his first name so she could search the reservation. Like a goddamn Ruth’s Chris! He even pulled Isabelle’s chair out so she could sit. This is incredible. Do you think he learned that one watching TV? Ryan ordered the gnocchi, while Isabelle opted for the calamari, as if they haven’t both been subsisting off Half-and-Halfs and Dr. Peppers for the last month. Do you think he even knew what gnocchi was before he ordered it? Adorable! Someone needs to get a picture of this.

Witnesses corroborate that their little date seemed to go well, with both parties laughing and fidgeting nervously. I mean, what did they even talk about? Writing 1? The people on their floors? How much they miss Westchester? Whatever it was, it must have felt like important business to them—this would explain the tie.

As the date wrapped up, Ryan pulled another total cutesy move, and offered to pay for the both of them. He put down his WashU ID just like a real person’s credit card and waited for the waiter to collect his play money. Don’t you just want to pinch their little cheeks??

Ibby’s staff later reported that the adorable couple tipped $250.