A brother of Phi Delta Theta enjoys a relaxing, masculine, testosterone-fueled bath while enjoying his favorite tome with his collection of rifle-toting rubber duckies (not pictured).

Phi Delta Theta Literary Society’s Spring Break Reading List

Craving a good read this spring break? WashU’s premier literary society has you covered! Check out these killer page-turners!

1. “Miranda rights!” -Miranda Cosgrove

Ever since brother Chad Bradson got locked up, this has been required reading for every member of the society.

2. Becoming by Michelle Obama

Phi Delta brother Brad Chadson admits, “I found this on my mom’s nightstand without a book jacket; thought it was 50 Shades, but I finished it anyway.”

3. The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

A true story of brotherhood, bravery, and patriotism. Tim O’Brien’s seminal work manifests the society’s fundamental values: life, liberty, and the Second Amendment.

4. The Alphabet

More complicated than you’d think. There are 26 of them.

5. Michael Bay Movie Scripts by Michael Bay’s Team of Ghostwriters (All male, equally problematic)

Yes, not being able to see Megan Fox’s sweaty, oily, filthy hot face makes this a substantial downgrade from the movies, but just use your imagination.

6. AR-15 Manual

Whether you’re trying to hone your skills at the shoot- ing range (school, church, or otherwise), or flex on your Snapchat story, an AR-15 is an excellent investment. If you’re looking to take your assault weapon game to the next level, this handy manual is a must- read.