Most Popular Baby Name of 2015 Officially “Who Did This 😂🙌💯”

The U.S. Department of Etymology released its list of most popular baby names of 2015, with several surprise entries making the rankings. According to the report, the most popular baby name of last year was “Who Did This 😂🙌💯,” which narrowly beat out “DickButt_420” and “Emily” for the top spot.

This result was a huge surprise to the kind of people that follow baby name rankings, breaking up a five-year streak in which “Aiden” was the most popular name in the country. It’s also the first time in a pictographic name has made top billing since the 1830s craze of just randomly scribbling on the birth certificate as a joke.

Other high-ranking names were “LeftShark” and “Melissa” for girls, and “Eric” and “@dkhaled🔑” for boys.

The Department of Etymology also tracks popular names for twins. In 2015, more than 400,000 parents named their twins “What Are Thooooose?” Officials have no explanation for how or why so many parents elected to name both of their children by a single name, but they stand behind their results.

Names that saw a decline in popularity last year included “Apparently” and “Help I’m Trapped in the Printer at the Hospital Also You’re Out of Toner.”