“You hate homophobia right bro? Yeah same! Chill dude!”

Fraternity Accused of Sexism, Racism, and Homophobia; Vehemently Denies the Homophobia

After recent accusations of various forms of exclusion, including misogyny, racism, and homophobia, one of Wash U’s social fraternities has clarified that it is not indeed homophobic. IFC has not released the name of the offending fraternity yet, but yes, it’s the one you’re thinking of.

“This isn’t just one or two brothers either,” the anonymous insider revealed, “this is a systemic problem in the organization that needs to be addressed.”

Members of the fraternity had other opinions about the allegations, however. “This is complete bullshit,” a member was overheard complaining to a friend in BD, “they said we’re insulting to women, insensitive about race, and exclusionary towards gay people? I have tons of gay friends! We even have some gay brothers! How is that exclusionary?”

The PanHellenic Council recently encouraged its sororities not to have relations with the chapter. In a statement, the body that represents other exclusionary practices and has condoned this chapter’s exclusionary practices in the past reiterated that homophobia “does not align with our community values”.

Shortly after rumors of the probation first leaked, the fraternity posted a statement on Facebook. “I know many have said our most recent party theme, “Grass Huts and Fat Sluts,” appropriative and sexist, or that our famous pointy-ghost-costume barbeque was tasteless, or that our Tijuana themed party was inappropriate. However, we draw the line at the accusations of homophobia. We love gays.” The writer then commented on the post “I’ll even make out with a dude right now to prove it.”

At press time, IFC is still investigating the long list of allegations and filed bias-reports while the fraternity has hung several rainbow flags in their house’s windows.