Don Cheadle isn't mad; just disappointed.

Apologize to Don Cheadle

You know what you did. Just say you’re sorry to Don Cheadle. He knows you didn’t mean it. He doesn’t even think ill of you. All he wants is to know you regret doing what you did because it was wrong, plain and simple.

Listen, we all make mistakes, and Lord knows good ol Don has made a few himself. You know how shitty his accent was in Ocean’s 11– it was a total disaster. But he’s only human, and you are too. He gets that. That being said, it’s just the right thing to do to acknowledge when you mess up, ESPECIALLY given what YOU did.

I won’t lie to you: It’s not like he’s just going to let it go. You can’t do THAT and expect it’s all water under the bridge. But Mr. Cheadle’s not some heartless monster; he’s just a man who’s hurt, and he thinks you owe him an apology. Which you do.