Police Beat St. Louis Man, Therapy Dogs Provide Support to Bystanders

Last Thursday, two officers held down Jonathan Davis while a third hit him repeatedly with his car. Davis was caught fleeing the CVS at 6211 Delmar Blvd with a box of stolen macadamia nut Clif Bars.

The 28-year-old lost his job in August and needed food for his wife and kids, according to court testimony. Now, he suffers from three herniated discs and a broken wrist. 

The crime scene was joined by St. Louis Police Department’s newest additions — Prookie and Pear, future therapy dogs in the making.

After a “ruff” start, the eight-month-old puppies were adopted by the department in an effort to “bridge the gap” between officers and the local community.

Since arriving at the department in February, the pups have turned crime scenes into big puppy play parties, Chief of St. Louis Police Department Robbert “Sharp” Cheddar said to reporters outside of CVS.

“Today, with movements such as the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, people across the country are exposing the inherent inequities that exist within the [police] institution,” Cheddar said. “These dogs make people smile everyday — what better way to build a free and equal society than that?”

More notably, the dogs make anyone feel like a kid again, according to Cheddar. When he is not catching impoverished people at crime scenes, the Chief can frequently be seen on all fours challenging the dogs to race – or, in his newest trick, playing fetch.

“I’ve got a mean technique,” Cheddar said, smiling. “Today, I can catch any stick that comes my way – Prookie just has to throw.”

Research from Reader’s Digest has shown that comfort dogs are significant to reducing stress and decreasing anxiety. For bystander Rachel “Aged” Asiago, what started as a day filled with trauma at seeing a bloody Davis ended with giggles – one cuddle at a time.

“I honestly was just happy to get my mind off of it,” Asiago said. “I fainted at one point, and Prookie softened my fall!”

For the future, Cheddar looks forward to the pups’ first birthday party, which will occur in January in an event open to the public. The furry fiesta will be complete with puppocinos, pooch cakes, and their own personal “pupperazzi.”

“These dogs love everybody,” Cheddar said with a chuckle. “If that’s not diversity, I don’t know what is.”