Issue 19.2

A Tent-ative Solution

There was once a giant tent in the middle of Mudd Field. Only real ones remember. Then the COVID-testing tent was vanquished and the power to test for COVID was returned to the people, who immediately commenced gleefully swabbing their noses in the middle of Stanley’s. However, those of us ...

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Parents Weekend Musts

Parents’ weekend happened. And maybe your parents had too good a time and are planning on going next year. Here’s a 17.5 hour itinerary that will be sure to make your parents think twice about buying a “mama bear” sweatshirt in the campus bookstore next year.  Take them to Hillel ...

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Love-Hate Relationship

Shame on you, the know-it-all that you are! I bestow upon you a problem and, look, there it is, the answer! You reduce my most pressing adversities to subjects of analytical dissections, stripping them of their depth and complexity. You act as if you have the keys to the universe, ...

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