WUnger Games 2019: Recapping the Madness

With the 2019 WUnger Games March Madness Tournament finally meeting an exciting conclusion, WUnderground is ready to review some of the highlights and storylines from this year’s postseason. Although 32 student groups entered the tournament-style fight to the death, only one emerged as the victor:

Beekeeping Club Takes the Title.

No one outside of the WU Beekeepers hivemind could’ve seen this coming. “It was obvious to us that we were championship contenders,” said Vince Johnson, president of the club, which was the 13th seed in its conference, “but we knew we had doubters throughout the school.” The Beekeepers had to run the gauntlet to earn their finals appearance; they needed to defeat top-seeded groups WUHHU (4), Ashoka (5), and LARP (1) on the road. The grueling path paid off, and after defeating WUChurn (10) in the Eastern Conference Finals, they were able to seal the championship versus their fellow underdogs and Western Conference Champions…

The Anime Exploration Team.

Though the two most heavily-armed and intimidating student groups – Phi Delt and LARP- earned their respective #1 seeds through their notoriety and violent reputations, both were upset by the eventual first- and second-place finishers, with the Anime Exploration Team (16) shocking the student body by dispatching Phi Delt in the first round. This was the most stunning result of the entire tournament, according to WUSPN analyst Diana Williams. “Not only was it the first time in the tournament’s history that the #1 seed lost in the first round, but it was also a complete blowout.” Indeed, the highly- ranked Phi Delts were routed by the Anime Exploration Team, who credited their dramatic opening salvo to “pent up rage” from “years of being made fun of and called ‘weebs’.”

In terms of Cinderella stories, this was a tournament for the ages.

In addition to the Beekeeping Club and Anime Exploration Team’s laudable postseason runs, WUChurn and the Debate Team (14) were able to outperform their projected performance as well. Though many expected the Fencing team to defeat Debate Team by a significant margin in the first round, they weren’t ready for Debate Team’s unorthodox strategy of literally arguing teams to death. “We knew we’d have to turn it up a notch for the postseason,” said Kevin Bates of the Debate Team, “but we had faith in our gameplan, so it was just a matter of execution.”