In response to the ad council's campaign, Clayton High School Junior, Robert Edison stated, "nice try dad, I'd rather steal your vodka."

Ad Council Debuts Reverse Psychology Anti-Smoking Campaign

In an innovative marketing move, the Ad Council debuted a series of PSA’s last week using reverse psychology to fight teen smoking. The campaign, titled “Smoke You Pussy,” hopes to incite anti-authority reactions in the nation’s rebellious teens. Ads featured will contain images of teens portrayed as popular, attractive, and successful experimenting with tobacco products, framed by titles such as “You Won’t Not Smoke,” “Non Smokers Are Bitches” and “I Heard You Don’t Use Cigarettes You Ball-less Eunuch.”

The key, says specialist Paula Dern, is knowing that targeted youths detest messages from adult figures. “When kids see these ‘cool’ ads made by community leaders, they’re gonna say ‘hey, smoking must be the opposite of that.’” To increase the effectiveness of the campaign, campaign organizers will be handing out cartons of cigarettes to teens at no cost. “Just as you’d expect a teenager to turn down a street-side pamphlet or coupon booklet, we think bombarding these kids with cigarettes will turn them off the scent completely,” affirmed one volunteer.

Initial studies from the campaign reveal unprecedented increases in teen cigarette usage nationwide; Ms. Dern, however, says this is to be expected. “Pretty soon they’ll realize that all those suave, sexy promos were made by adults, and they’ll turn heel. Very, very soon.”