6 Trendy Swimsuits for When Global Warming Renders Clothing Obsolete




1. We’re nuts over this chic two-piece from Nu Swimwear! The bike-short bottoms flatter your thighs, while the top leaves plenty of skin exposed to the merciless, searing-hot sun that will beat down on the melted wreckage of our planet.







2. We can’t get enough of the yellow ruffle on this delicious two-piece by For Love and Lemons! This suit is perfect for a dip in the pool and for the vast, dry wasteland that awaits us as rising temperatures slowly destroy all plant life.








3. This Nasty Gal number is both classy and sexy! Get ready to feel like one spicy-hot mamacita, both because you’ll look so great and because only the very rich will have access to sufficient temperature control.









4. When it comes to making a statement, Dollskill always delivers! Slip into this pepto-bismol pink set when you’re looking to make a splash, or when the stifling heat becomes so unbearable that clothing would put you at risk of seizures.








5. This eclectic, color-blocked Mara Hoffman suit will drop jaws, flatter your waistline, and keep you feeling confident, even as the world you knew withers away to a burnt husk of what it once was!








6. This shirred-top Reformation suit is cute, comfy and sustainably produced! A guaranteed head-turner, it’s also a perfect way to show your gods that you’ve learned your lesson about environmentally harmful consumption.