Taylor Swift Attends WashU Football Game, Goes Completely Unnoticed

Nashville-based country singer Taylor Swift was reportedly present at last week’s WashU football game against Illinois Wesleyan University. Though the entire team corroborates the story, there is a suspicious lack of witnesses to the attendance of the daughter of successful stockbroker Scott Kingsley Swift who were not athletes or coaching staff. “You’d think that if the chick that played that lady in The Lorax (2012) stepped foot on campus, people would know, but the truth is there was no one else in the stands to recognize her,” stated Aaron Keen, coach of theWashU Bears. While the sister of Vanderbilt University alumni Austin Swift went widely unnoticed on her trip to campus, her presence was widely reported at other locations in the area. A WUnderground correspondent caught up with the singer for a few quotes on what she’s been up to the last few days. “I went apple picking at Eckerts’” said the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award nominee, “It was… I mean if you like apple picking I would definitely suggest it. I only grabbed a few because it’s not like I’m making a pie or anything but like, the ones I got look good.” Swift also visited the St. Louis Arch, commenting that it was “freaking awesome”. For those who missed her at last week’s game, Swift is hoping to make a splash next Saturday at a quizbowl tournement, where she expects a significantly larger turnout.