Astros Win Important Baseball Game

On November 1, 2017, the Houston Astros defeated the LA Dodgers to win their first World Series. This specific baseball matchup was played between these teams to determine the winner of the game. There are many factors that led to the Astros winning the game, so it’s helpful to break it down.

Simply put, the Astros beat the Dodgers by scoring more points during the game. At the end of it, the Astros had 5 points, and the Dodgers only had 1 point. Because they had 4 more points than the Dodgers, the Astros are considered the winners. But how exactly did they get those points?

To earn points, a team must catch, throw, and hit a baseball accordingly. For a team to perform well, each individual player must possess these skills. Therefore, it goes without saying that one of the main reasons the Astros won the World Series baseball game is because their players were good at baseball. The Dodgers, on the other hand, had different players than the Astros. These Dodgers players did not catch, throw, and hit baseballs quite as well as the Astros players did. It is important to note how the Astros players could catch, throw, and hit baseballs so well that night.

Handling a baseball with proficiency often stems from practicing baseball. The Astros practiced baseball by catching, throwing, and hitting quite a bit before the big showdown against the Dodgers. As would be expected, practicing baseball requires a ball. And every player gets a bat, but only sometimes. The same goes for mitts. Balls, bats, and mitts are required to practice baseball and therefore win the World Series. But how exactly are these balls, bats, and mitts used in conjunction with one another? Let’s explore that.

These three kinds of objects are used by the players of the two teams. Depending on the situation, one team has bats while the other team has balls and mitts. The players with bats don’t want the balls so they hit them away. The players with balls throw them because they want the bat-wielding team to have the balls. Oh, and the mitts. Both teams have certain players with mitts to catch the balls, because a team gets points by catching balls. Both teams follow these rules while running around inside a diamond. Each team has 9 turns with the bats and 9 turns with the balls.

Sometimes players steal to get a leg up. They steal balls or bats, whichever their team needs more of. To complicate things, there are also hot dogs, people kissing on a giant TV screen, and random folks who aren’t on either team but wear jerseys anyway and yell at the players. During the exciting, action-packed, chaotic game on November 1st, the Houston Astros managed to get 5 baseball points. That is how they won the World Series.