Valentine’s Day Special: Best On-Campus Dates

Valentine’s Day Special: Best On-Campus Dates

Don’t have wheels but still want to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable? Here are the best ways to spend the 14th with your special someone right here on campus!

  1. Student Health Services

Want to show your S.O. what a considerate lover you are? Take them with you while you get an STI test at SHS. No chocolate bar or teddy bear will top the peace of mind they’ll get from knowing that your Valentine’s gift to them isn’t a juicy pink surprise from one of your multiple other partners!

  1. Ibby’s “Bistro”

So the Fun Room is already full? Gosh darn it! Well a great Plan B is Ibby’s, where you can overpay at a place with cloth napkins instead of overpaying at BD. Turn up the heat by feeding your lover a spoonful of creamy gnocchi and cardboard!

  1. Your RA’s Bed

Kinky, right? There’s nothing hotter than ending the night by sneaking into your RA’s bed for a steamy sesh in the sack. Careful, though- your lover might be confused about why you have to be stealthy in their own room!

  1. Renting Bikes from Bears Bikes and Riding in Circles Around the Clock Tower

This could be straight out of a rom-com, right?! Possibly the most romantic option on our menu of precious on-campus dates is renting a couple of bikes and joyously riding around the clock tower and laughing until your respective roommates finish sexiling both of you and you can go to bed separately!

  1. The Danforth Butterfly Garden

While there’s nary a butterfly in sight, the Danforth butterfly garden is the perfect place to gaze up at the stars or dry hump in one of those hammock-chairs.