This One College Hack Will Change Your Life

College life can be stressful as heck. You need to get ahead every way you can. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. This one, simple life hack will revolutionize the way you study for tests. We can guarantee results!

Okay, buckaroo, here’s what you do first: log in to WebStac. Have you done that, yet? Just enter your WashU Key. Fuck, you forgot it? Jesus Christ, dude, how hard is it to remember the one password you use for everything? Whatever, it’s fine. Just click on “Forgot Password” option. Now go to your email — there you go, buddy! — and reset your WashU key.

Now you’re really feeling it!

Does it work now? You’re logged into WebStac? Okay, cool. I always believed in you! Now we can move on.

Alrighty, pal. Once logged into WebStac, hold your mouse over “Courses & Registration.” Click on “Class Schedule.”

Well done, friend!

Okay, sir or madam, do you see those buildings and room numbers that are listed? Yeah — right there! Go to those buildings and those room numbers at the corresponding times. They will literally give you all the answers to your tests, and you can ask your professors all the questions you want. Just be sure to write everything down, and take a glance at your handy-dandy cheat-sheet right before the test.

You’ll never feel overwhelmed again. Just sit back and watch the A’s roll in. College achieved!

Go get em, champ!