Student Manages to Use Phrase ‘Shifting Cultural Landscape’ Only Once in Discussion

Last Wednesday, Nate Berkley emerged from his Intro Urban Studies class, feeling a weight lifted off of his shoulders. “I did it. You know it was tricky—I felt it coming on, that urge you know? But then I was like ‘c’mon man. you have to diversify your commentary,’ and I held back,” Nate then continued to liken his restraint to that of a former addict—spiraling into a lengthy, unwarranted explanation of drug criminalization. He continued, “I’m feeling really good.”


Upon asking students for some additional commentary, one classmate had this to say: “Nate? That kid is the most. Last week he told me he read this Buzzfeed article on tampon taxes and just stood up and told all the girls in the room that they ‘deserve the right to feminine wellness products’. I don’t even think that’s what women call them.”


We then talked to Nate’s professor, Professor Howard Shields, who said that “Nate is a passionate student.” It’s worth noting that Professor Shield’s took a sharp inhale and glanced upwards before settling on ‘passionate’.


In a follow-up interview, Wunderground asked Nate about his plans for upcoming lectures. “I’ll leave you guys with this: I know social media has gone and appropriated the term ‘woke’ in an ironic way, but there’s truth in that. Just keep your eyes open, you know?”