Hong Kong Free Press –

Good evening, this is Yu Xieren reporting live to you from
the streets of Hong Kong. A protest has just broken out between anti-China and pro-democracy factions, fighting for the future of the the city. Amidst police-civilian clashes, civilians shout “CHINA IS A GREAT BULLY” and encourage each other to “add oil” – a phrase meaning to keep up the fight – with megaphones. In 1997, England, given the new world order that no longer approved of its imperialism, decided to finally give up Hong Kong and give control of the city to China. This follows the falling of the great Berlin Wall, another event in major historical change. These new developments were meant to protect people, mostly from the erosion of democracy by evil powers. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam claims that she should have the power to overtly align legislative Hong Kong more closely with China’s laws. Protesters believe that their ability to live freely in a modern world are being taken away by China. Millions of protesters have turned out over the last few weeks, yelling chants and protesting peacefully before China lashed out forcefully with police violence. Since, protestors are donning innovative shields to rise up and insulate themselves to continue demonstrating peacefully.

Xi Jinping was seen hovering in a trench coat near the edge of the protests.