RA Agrees to Let Resident Keep Prefrosh as Pet

After hours of begging, freshman Alan Block finally got permission from his RA to keep his prefrosh as a pet, so long as he promises to feed him and walk him and love him forever and ever.

“The little guy just showed up outside my door last week, and we just had to take him in,” said Block, scratching the prefrosh behind his ear. “He was so scrawny and lost, he would never have made it in the world by himself! Thankfully my RA said that if I promise to take good care of him, he can stay with me.”

Block and his roommates nursed the prefrosh back to health on a steady diet of beer and tater tots, then took him to SHS to get him a rabies shot. After being given a clean bill of health, the prefrosh was given permission to move into his forever home.

“He had a nametag on his lanyard that said his name was Johnny,” said Mike Wade, one of Block’s roommates, “but we wanted him to rename him, make him a real part of the family, you know? Alan really pushed for Fluffball, but we eventually settled on Snuggles. We’re just so lucky to have him in our lives. Isn’t that right, little guy?”

Snuggles already knows how to sit, roll over, and make coffee, but Block and his roommates are working to fully train the prefrosh. Their first goal is to get him housetrained, and then they’ll move on to teaching him how to shotgun and do laundry.

As part of the agreement made with his RA, Block has to take Snuggles for two walks around campus every day, and give him a bath when his cargo shorts get dirty.

“It’s a lot of work,” said Block. “But when we split it up between all of us it’s okay. [Roommate] Dan Chang lives in Chicago, so he’s going to take Snuggles for the summer. That way he won’t have to put him in a crate for the flight, and there will be plenty more prefrosh for him to play with at Northwestern.”

At press time, Snuggles was on his way to SHS to get neutered. WUnderground reminds you to always spay or neuter your prefrosh.