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Nation’s Annoying Dads Can’t Wait for Borat Jokes to Be Cool Again

Saying that it would “make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan,” dads across the nation expressed hope that quoting Sacha Baron Cohen’s 2006 film Borat would soon be cool again.

The film, which traces the journey of Kazakh reporter Borat Sagdiyev on his quest to kidnap 90s TV star Pamela Anderson, has enjoyed a high level of cultural cachet with dads since its release. Film critics attribute its popularity among the dad demographic to its sophomoric humor and scenes of gratuitous physical violence between hairy, naked men.

According to sources, dads everywhere have been preparing for the inevitable resurgence of the film by practicing their Borat quotes on the nation’s unsuspecting moms. Scores of dads have been reported initiating attempts at physical intimacy with shouts of “very nice, how much?” and saying “what kind of dog is this? Is this a cat in a hat?” upon any encounter with the family pet.

“I can’t wait for my son to get back from college,” said Mort Aaronson, who says his 1996 Toyota Tercel has a pussy magnet, in reference to the film. “Because my wife won’t answer me anymore when I ask her what color my suit is. For the record, it’s black.”

Dads have also been overheard rehearsing references to other long-since-uncool movies in hopes that their pop culture knowledge will somehow restore their lost youth.

“I heard my husband talking to himself in the garage,” said Meredith Jacobs of St. Paul, MN. “I opened the door and he was just sitting at his workbench saying ‘girls only want boyfriends who have great skills’ over and over. He wasn’t even fixing the water heater like I asked him to. It was pretty sad.”

At press time, Borat was available for streaming on Amazon and iTunes.

“Not,” said Aaronson.