Joe Biden Considering Going On A Run

Sources close to Joe Biden tell WUnderground that the Vice President is considering going on a run after examining the existing landscape.  Initially thought to be satisfied with the White House elliptical machine, Biden is turning heads in the establishment with this unexpected news.  This would be Biden’s third run, his most recent one coming in 2008.


“He may or he may not,” said a top Democratic advisor, speaking under the condition of anonymity.  “Not having run in eight years, injury is undeniably a risk, not to mention his feet might have grown since the last time he put on his running shoes.  However, with the National Mall closed to the public for maintenance, the field is very open.”


Another important contributing factor is the apparent conversation the Vice President had with his son, Beau before he tragically passed several weeks ago.  Those in the room recall that the younger Biden encouraged his father to seize the opportunity before it is too late.


“You’re 72 years old, Dad,” said Beau moments before passing.  “You’re a heartbeat away from being the most powerful man in the world, and you have less than 18 months to take advantage of that.  While it’s nice outside and you’re still healthy just have the Secret Service safely figure out a route for you.  It’s what I would do.”


If Biden decides to run, it could also present an awkward turn in his relationship with President Obama, who personally asked White House staffers to purchase the elliptical to accommodate Biden’s weak knees.  Medical experts have advised the Vice President that the high-profile exercise could place additional stress on his body given the gradual inclines and declines near the White House.


Essentially Biden is pitting his late son’s wishes against many of those within Democratic leadership.  The tension is visibly mounting for the Vice President as he was reportedly overheard whispering to himself, “this is a big fucking deal!”


As of press time, Democratic Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton is still refusing to release thousands of pages of her FitBit data.

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