Freshman Invites Girlfriend to Dinner with LAUNCH family

Local freshman James Harding was nervous on Tuesday evening; his girlfriend, Tanya Reed, would be meeting his LAUNCH family for the first time.

“It’s a big step for us going forward,” Harding admitted. “But I want to share that piece of my life with her.” The couple discussed the decision several days in advance, with James broaching the topic over Ibby’s brunch. “I feel like there’s a lot we haven’t done together yet; WayCrow formal, WUFC, Home Plate. But I think this needs to happen first.”

Reed has already visited James at home on several occasions, though interactions with family members have been few. “Their apartment seems to have, like, rotating themes? One time it was Under the Sea, but it’s ranged from Outer Space to Jungle.”

Harding warned his SO that a LAUNCHie is particularly dependent on the approval of his Pre-O father. “Mike is an understanding guy, but he also stresses service and self-governance. You’re gonna have to make that readily apparent.” In general, Harding said, his LAUNCH lineage values performance; the family presented NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye at the August community talent show.

Reed agreed to take the leap, though on the condition of reciprocity. “Next week we’re getting lunch with my SOAR leaders. They’re a bit more deliberate, plan-oriented people but I think they’ll warm to James pretty quickly.”