Issue 16.4

WashU Implements New 2-Factor Authentication System

In a joint statement made on Sunday, WashU Information Technology Services and WUPD announced that students will now be required to use WashU 2FA (two-factor authentication) when accessing WUSTL websites and buildings. In addition to swiping their plastics—WashUID, not Amex—students must scan their Canada goose emblem against a biometric scanner ...

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Hong Kong Free Press – Good evening, this is Yu Xieren reporting live to you from the streets of Hong Kong. A protest has just broken out between anti-China and pro-democracy factions, fighting for the future of the the city. Amidst police-civilian clashes, civilians shout “CHINA IS A GREAT BULLY” ...

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Air Bud Indicted on Drug Charges

Last weekend, multi-sport athlete Air Bud was indicted on public urination and drug charges at a nightclub in downtown Miami. Witnesses claimed they saw him pounding shots of tequila, rolling multiple fatties, and carrying white pills that Air Bud promised were “just doggy treats.” After being kicked out of the ...

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